Campaigning 101

In July 2009 Catalyst co-hosted an event featuring Executive Director of Wellstone Action, Jeff Blodgett.

Jeff was Minnesota State Campaign Director for the Obama Presidential campaign and has a wealth of experience in running progressive campaigns.

We've dug out a video of Jeff's address from the archives and published it in seven youtube installments. Jeff gives insights into progressive campaigning, looking at authentic candidates, grassroots organising and campaigning online.

  • The Authentic Candidate

    Part 1 of Jeff Blodgett's address.

  • Grassroots organising in the Obama Campaign

    Part 2 of Jeff Blodgett's address.
  • Campaigning online for Obama

    Part 3 of Jeff Blodgett's address.
  • Jeff Blodgett Q&A

    Questions and answers following Jeff Blodgett's address.