How Companies Invest in Communities

5th report in Full Disclosure series
July 2012

'What Gives?' Report Launch

Sydney, 17th July 2012

Catalyst launches our 5th Report in the Full Disclosure series

Arrive 10:45 for 11am start
Tuesday 17th July 2012
Trades Hall Atrium, 4 Goulburn St, Sydney

Thanks to those who attended the launch of our latest report in the Full Disclosure series - What Gives? How companies invest in communities - by Dr Simon Longstaff, Director of St James Ethics Centre.

“I want to congratulate the unions and other organisations that have come together for the establishment of Catalyst and for its support of this work. It is really essential  that  all parts of society engage with the world of business and make an investment in doing so. It is not always the case that it is done in a way which is entirely constructive by all parties … The good news is that I think that is changing now for a number of reasons and this Report should hopefully contribute to broadening the thinking…” Dr Simon Longstaff, St James Ethics Centre

The report continues our inquiry into corporate behaviour and ethics by examining the contribution some of Australia's major corporations make to the community. Our findings go behind the philanthropic balance sheet and delve into the systems, motivations and rationales that companies use to make decisions about where to invest or donate funds. A particular focus is on how we can measure the impact of different approaches for communities. What Gives? examines these important but often overlooked issues.

Dr Longstaff is a leading advocate for corporate governance and sustainability. He has been Director of St James Ethics Centre for 21 years and currently sits on the ethics advisory board of a number of leading Australian companies.

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