Thurs 18th October 2012

New book by Lindy Edwards
October 2012

The Passion of Politics Book Launch

Join us on 18th of October to launch Lindy Edwards' latest book - The Passion of Politics: The Role of Ideology and Political Theory in Australia - with the Hon. Dr Geoff Gallop, Director of the Graduate School of Government at the University of Sydney and former Premier of Western Australia.

6pm, drinks served, 6:30 start
Thursday 18th October
Atrium, Trades Hall
4 Goulburn St, Sydney

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Drinks and refreshments will be served

This book revives the memory of times when Australians were considered radical democrats, idealistic trail blazers and the social laboratory of the world. It calls on us to learn the lessons of these great political experiments of the past to reinvigorate our debate about visions for the future.

It has fallen out of public memory that Australians were once considered pioneering democrats, that we were among the first in the world to introduce the 8 hour day, minimum wages, and to have a national Labor government that represented working class people.

We speak the language of egalitarianism but forget how the impact of pioneering unions shaped our national culture. We overlook how our national psyche was shaped by the early belief that we could produce a society that was more, just free and wealthy than had ever existed.

Despite periods of abeyance this optimism has been regularly reborn, as Australia again produced some of the leading thinkers of the liberation movements. We made pioneering steps that meant Australians moved faster and further on many of these issues of race and gender than many other countries in the developed world.

These great experiments have hit road bumps and challenges. They have encountered problems we need to acknowledge. However, we need to learn the lessons from both their successes and their failures to grapple with the big ideas that will define the next century.

This book calls on us to engage in these debates in a way that is both optimistic and hard headed. It requires engaging genuinely with competing viewpoints and thinking deeply about the genuine challenges we face.

For anyone who is passionate about politics, these are the ideas that fuel the fire in the belly. The book introduces the battle of ideas at the heart of the big issues. It doesn’t offer answers, but offers a powerful and compelling way of understanding our choices.

This is essential reading for anyone who is passionate about politics.

Lindy Edwards

Lindy Edwards

Lindy Edwards is Senior Lecturer in the Politics Program at the University of NSW. She is the author of the surprise bestseller How to Argue with an Economist: Re-opening political debate in Australia.