Seminar with Colin Hines - January 2011

Colin Hines is co-author of the Green New Deal, a coordinated response to climate change, employment and the economy.

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Sydney, 27 Jan 2011

Thanks to everyone who participated in our seminar with Colin Hines on 27th January 2011. It was an informative and engaging discussion that explored the opportunities in the current political landscape. Below are links to Colin’s publications and other related materials about responding to the combined challenges that climate change, employment and the economy pose.

Colin Hines

Colin’s work on the Green New Deal resulted in a groundbreaking publication that explored the links between climate change, peak oil and the financial crisis and outlined how, by drawing together the often disparate strands of the business community, environmentalists and the union movement we can create a pathway to a more secure and equitable future

Colin is a co-director of Finance for the Future, and recently co-authored a report highlighting that funds made available to banks under the UK government’s quantitative easing program have been captured almost entirely by the financial services sector, rather than invested in new jobs and infrastructure.  The report argues for an environmentally sustainable and integrated economic, industrial and financing policy built around a Green New Deal