Paid Parental Leave

Between 2008 and 2010 Catalyst campaigned with a broad range of women's groups and NGOs for a national paid parental leave scheme.

Update March 2010


For the lastest commentary of the Coalition’s Paid Parental Leave plan:
•    check out Marian Baird’s interview on Radio National’s Life Matters program.
•    Read the National Australian Foundation for Women’s article and open letter to members of Federal Parliament
•    Join our Facebook Group Women Won’t Wait for more discussion and debate

Catalyst congratulates the many organisations and individuals who worked hard to make paid parental leave a reality for Australian working parents. Although we are disappointed the scheme will be delayed until 2011 this remains a significant step for young mothers or fathers who will now receive up to 18 weeks government funded maternity leave.

Despite this achievement Australia still lags behind much of the developed world where standards are much higher. The World Health Organisations recommends a minimum of 26 weeks and many countries go beyond this – Canada: 28 weeks, United Kingdom: 39 weeks, Sweden: 47 weeks.

Catalyst will continue to campaign for best practice policy which places the health of children and parents at the centre our society.