Catalyst CSR Dashboard

The Catalyst Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Dashboard is the first publicly available tool in Australia to capture how (and how well) our biggest and brightest companies are keeping faith with growing consumer, investor and community demand for more ethical, socially responsible and sustainable business models.


The CSR Dashboard has received the following media coverage:


  • Overview of the CSR Dashboard

    The Catalyst Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Dashboard assesses the performance and reporting of leading companies across areas of corporate social, governance and environmental practice.
  • Summary of the Dashboard findings

    The breadth of research and data analysis underpinning the CSR Dashboard revealed that the social and environmental reporting of the majority of our leading companies was not up to scratch.
  • Gender Equality

    On the whole, companies performed reasonably well on the gender equality topic, no doubt because of the guidance from the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) Corporate Governance Principles.
  • Labour standards and supply chains

    Labour standards and supply chains were consistently the most under-reported and worst performing areas of sustainability across all companies in the CSR Dashboard sample.
  • Environment

    Reporting on Environment indicators was mixed, with strong reporting in the areas of carbon emissions and energy efficiency, but weaker reporting around waste and water efficiency.
  • Community investment

    There was great disparity in the quality and depth of community investment information supplied by companies.
  • GRI Reporting

    Analysis of company reporting for the CSR Dashboard led to further research on how well (or not well) companies were applying the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework.