Corporate Tax

In 2010 Catalyst set out to debunk the myths of corporate tax and to campaign for a more equitable tax system.

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Poll: Attitudes to Corporate Tax


The Auspoll survey of 1545 people was conducted for Catalyst Australia in the week of 15-20 February 2010.  It shows that public opinion is firmly on side to close down the system of corporate tax loopholes and perks that primarily benefit big business.  

Some of the issues and opinions canvassed in the survey include:

  • One quarter of all government revenue comes from taxes on business. Three quarters of people surveyed thought business should pay a greater share.
  • Companies can reduce their tax by claiming concessions and deductions which results in half of all companies paying less than 5% tax.  This is well below the official rate of 30%.  Half of all people surveyed want to see fewer business concessions and deductions.
  • Big business want the government to reduce the rate of corporate tax and increase the GST.  There was no support  for the proposal – in fact three quarters of all people disagreed with it.

The poll showed attitudes to corporate tax firmed up as people got older.  Those aged 45 and over had stronger views about equity, possibly reflecting this groups experience of the tax system and of paying tax.

If you would like to see these results in full you can access the report here.