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In 2010 Catalyst set out to debunk the myths of corporate tax and to campaign for a more equitable tax system.

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Read Julian Disney's analysis of the Government's response to the Henry Tax Review published by the ABC on 4th May 2010.

You can also check out Julian Disney's article Tax Reform: Some problems and options which examines the inequities of our current tax system. This paper was originally written for the book Equality Speaks: Challenges for a Fair Society.

Executive Director Jo-anne Schofield has also written a number of opinion pieces on this topic: Let Needs Lead Reform and Debunking the myths of corporate tax

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Tax Watch

TaxWatch is an independent, non-partisan service which focuses on issues relating to taxation policy and administration in Australia, including proposals for reform.

PerCapita Tax Survey

Our friends at PerCapita surveyed over 1000 Australians regarding their views on tax. To view the full report click here.

National Foundation for Australian Women

NFAW have produced a number of issues papers on women and tax. Access them here.