Tues 13th August 2013

Catalyst presents this seminar for unions and NGOs to discuss supply chain reporting and performance in Australia

Focus on Supply Chain

Our new CSR Dashboard has found that supply chain reporting of Australia’s leading companies was at best opaque, and at worst non-existent. In all, 28 of 32 companies failed to report about their policy and approach to supply chains, or provided only very basic details. In response to these findings, Catalyst is hosting a seminar for unions and NGOs to discuss how to improve the reporting and performance of Australian companies in this vital area.

Jaana Quaintance-James from Banarra will take participants through ‘Supply Chain 101 – What civil society should be doing to drive company performance’ drawing on her experience as a Senior Consultant with experience in labour standards and supply chains both in Australia and overseas. 

Andrew Dettmer is the President of the AMWU, a union with experience in local and global supply chains. Andrew will discuss how supply chains, when operating ethically and effectively, can enhance global competitiveness in manufacturing. 

Michele O’Neill is the Federal Secretary of the TCFUA, and will discuss steps that her union and its global affiliates are taking to end exploitation in the garment industry 

Group discussion will focus on how issues raised by speakers might be addressed, and provide input about what are the critical issues that can be taken up in coalition.  

Date:     13th August 

Venue:  Trades Hall, 4 Goulburn Street Sydney

Time:     9.00am to 12.00pm.

RSVP essential by Friday 9th August to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


In June 2013, Catalyst released is Corporate Social Responsibility Dashboard focusing on six topic areas, including labour standards and supply chains csr.catalyst.org.au

Supply chain reporting was the worst performing area across the Australian company sample, with 28 of 32 leading companies providing little or only basic information about their policies, management and approach to their supply chain. When compared to their global peers, the under-performance of Australian companies was stark.

A summary paper outlining these findings can be found here.