About Us

Catalyst is here to organise policy renewal and vision across the progressive left in Australia

We believe that the goal of economic growth is to enable all Australians to enjoy good lives through good work in good communities.

Our political efforts will target campaigns that achieve a more just society. Our networks will be open and inclusive and our direction will be guided by the democratic input of members. Our campaigns will collaborate with the progressive community of academics, trade unions and community voices. Our website will provide ideas that can influence the next decade.

Our Vision

Good lives rely on a lasting natural and physical environment. Our air and water, our cities and towns, their infrastructure, transport and employment are all crucial for supporting the quality of our lives and sustainability for future generations.

Good work is safe and secure. It supports human achievement and participation and is founded on equality of relationships and respect. Work is central to our lives. Our workplaces should reflect the value of fairness and the diversity of our culture.

Good communities are at the heart of our economic system. They are places that are free from poverty, violence and abuse. Good communities offer opportunities for everyone and are supported by public services that ensure the health and well-being of all citizens.