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Aboriginal Rights in Australia

Aboriginal rights refer to the rights and entitlements of Indigenous peoples in Australia, who are recognized as the original inhabitants of the land. These rights are based on the principles of self-determination, land rights, cultural preservation, and equality. Some key aspects of Aboriginal rights include: Land and Native Title Rights: Aboriginal peoples have the right to ownership, use, and control …

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Catalyst.org.au Reforming Australian Tax System

Reforming Australia’s Tax System: Towards Fairness and Efficiency

Why is Tax needed? Tax is necessary because it provides governments with the revenue needed to fund public goods and services, such as infrastructure, healthcare, education, and social welfare programs. It also helps to redistribute wealth and reduce income inequality through progressive tax systems. Moreover, taxes serve as a tool for economic management and regulation, allowing governments to incentivize certain …

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Islamophobia Australia

Safeguarding Minority Rights: Addressing Discrimination in Australia

Australia is a multicultural nation that values diversity and inclusivity. However, the protection of minority rights remains an ongoing challenge. Discrimination against minority groups based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and other factors persists in various aspects of society. This article explores the importance of safeguarding minority rights in Australia, acknowledging the current state of discrimination faced …

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Australian Corporations & Worker Rights

A brief summary on where things are, laws related to it, non-whites on senior board and management of companies etc Companies in Australia are making a commitment to improve work situations for workers in Australia. In the backdrop, Human Rights plays a huge part in ensuring these rights can be met. In Australia, by governmental law, there is a right …

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Human Rights do not hurt businesses

Human rights are fundamental rights and freedom that safeguards every one of us. They are a set of rules universally agreed-upon moral guidelines that originated in the Universal Declaration on Human Rights adopted by the international community in 1948. They are founded on respect, equality, justice, and dignity.  Businesses have a huge impact on our lifestyle and us enjoying the …

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Importance of Trade Unions

Trade union is a group or organization made up of members joined mainly by employees so they can have their goals and interests well represented. One of the union’s main goals is to protect and promote the interests of its members in the workplace. Trade unions’ origins date back to medieval craftsmen’s guilds, but industrialization in the 19th century led …

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Why big businesses resist positive change

Decades ago, corporate responsibility to protect human rights and the environment was, at best, a trivial matter of business ethics. Some doubted that a company could be ethically responsible. And many businesses believed that these rights, if any, were a matter of the government, not the corporation. However due to positive change in 21st century the term “sustainability” has become …

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